21 Targets – Chapter 6

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What is this course?

As audiobook narrators we have only the text.

This course will open your eyes and ears to what is behind the text. You will start to understand how the narrator should ‘sit behind’ the author, respond to the author and be led by the author.

By preparing and recording a project each day and listening to your cohorts recordings, you will hear differing versions of the same exercises. You will hear what works in your voice, you will hear how unique you are, you will learn new techniques, approaches that maybe wouldn’t have occurred to you, all the time getting feedback from each other and the award winning narrator and coach Matthew Lloyd Davies.

Three times a week there will be a Zoom group discussion/feedback session for you to ask questions and for us all to discuss the exercises.

You have only your voice, your mind, your imagination… this course opens your eyes and ears to how to connect your voice with the authors’ intention, and will give you experience that will open your mind and inspire your imagination to connect with the book.

In three weeks you will grow technically, you will be more confident in your unique ability, and you will be ready and prepared for what this ever-expanding industry has to offer you and what you have to offer audiobooks.

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