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Time and Money

Is your audiobook narration business feeling like it has a life of its own? Are you overwhelmed and worried you'll completely burn out? Andi Arndt takes you through a systematic approach to understanding your time and your money, addressing the mindsets, concepts and systems you need to put in place so your business understands who's boss (hint: you). You'll learn how to build in a floating week, and how and when to raise your rates. You will also have access to a private discussion forum and live discussions with Andi to help you work through any bumps in the road.


Beginning Narrator’s Reality Check

With Ann Richardson. Designed for absolute beginners, this free introductory mini-course explores the work and work environment of a home studio audiobook narrator. Before you invest in equipment and coaching, we encourage you to consider what a narration career requires.


Launching for New Narrators

This ten-lesson course is a launching pad for aspiring narrators aiming to “level up” to being respectable, professional narrators, instilling high standards and best practices that uplift the individual and the industry. Along the way we will build a firm foundation by learning about equipment, recording environment, scheduling, proper preparation, narration techniques, post production, and a basic business plan.


Exploring Audiobook Narration

Still wondering if audiobook narration is a good fit for you? Andi Arndt shares her journey to full-time work and some observations about what it takes to succeed.


Voice for Narrators: Part One

This 8-week long summer intensive invites you to fundamentally change your relationship with your voice. Through readings, exercises, discussions, reflection and study of anatomy you will explore the many facets of your voice and understand in greater depth its potential for expressive range and character range. You will also learn how to resolve areas of tension and limitation through greater physical awareness.
We will work through Part One of Kristin Linklater’s Freeing The Natural Voice.
Instructor: Andi Arndt


Fostering Characters

This is a process that blends a traditional acting methods with the psychology of personality that will help narrators who want to improve their character building skills to better understand the nuances of their characters and “get into their headspace” for more authentic-feeling acting – while also learning to quickly jump in and out of multiple characters seamlessly, without losing any of that authenticity!


Narrator Website Workshop with James Anderson Foster

This course was delivered live before “digital” audience, and covers the ins and outs, dos and don’ts, and the whys and wherefores of your Audiobook Narrator Website. You’ll learn who your primary audience is, what they want, and how to give it to them in a way that highlights you and your talents.


21 Targets: The 21 Day Audiobook Challenge

Doing precedes understanding. This course is for DOING…each day for twenty-one days you and your ‘class’ will record, upload and listen; and be listened to…you will compare and comment…in a positive and supportive way…you will learn from doing, you will learn from listening, you will learn from comparison…There will then be a group session each week to discuss and de-brief on that weeks’ work. This is a group lesson but in your own time…you decide when to do the work within the loose framework of your day…each day a short but challenging exercise will be set in the early evening (US Eastern Time)…your challenge is to give that exercise ‘moment’, do the prep, the research, the practice and upload your recording for the rest of your ‘class’ to listen to, compare and comment on. You will need to be able to record using ‘punch and roll’ and have a familiarity with a DAW of your preference. You will need to sweat the small stuff. G.K Chesterton said: “A good Novel tell us the truth about it’s hero, A bad novel tells us the truth about it’s author” I say: “A good audiobook tells us the truth about it’s author, A bad audiobook tells us the truth about it’s narrator”.

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