We are using dedicated forums within rather than social media pages because not everyone uses the same social networks and b) who can focus with all the distractions presented by social media group platforms? We hope you’ll agree that these member forums can keep us both connected and focused.

Most forums here at are course-specific. What that means is, when you sign up for a course, you’ll have access to the related forum. For live classes, forum access continues beyond the time you’re in class, which means you can always revisit material to refresh your memory, and learn what others have posted since.

In this general member forum, we’ve given you a place to…
● Introduce yourself – we would love to get to know you better! Where are you, both geographically and in your career journey?
● Keep up with Announcements, to make sure you know when new courses, coaching and events are offered.
● Fill out your profile – people will be more likely to respond to you if they know something about you and if you have a picture to represent you.
● Do you have an idea for a course that we should be offering? Go to Suggestions & Course Requests to share your idea!
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● If you have any questions about how to use this community, take a look through our Community Help & Questions forum. Feel free to post new questions there if yours hasn’t already been answered.
● Check out our guide on creating new topics and questions to get the most out of any post you create.

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Welcome to the Open Forum at It’s a bit like the entry foyer, where you’re able to figure out what’s here, where to go next, and ask general questions

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Palm Springs Oct22

Welcome! This is where to find information and post questions / have discussion re: the Palm Springs Narrator Retreat October 21-23, 2022. If you need to review the flyer or

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Statement of Community Values:

As a consortium of coaches, we seek to create and nurture an actively anti-racist community. We acknowledge the impact and legacy of white supremacy in all areas of the publishing industry and the audiobook community, including but not limited to the selection, casting, production, marketing and evaluation of the written and spoken word.

Stories matter. It is of crucial importance that we challenge the gatekeeping that has controlled whose stories are told, from whose perspective, in whose voice, through whose filter, at what rate.

We support #OwnVoices initiatives in publishing and representative casting in audiobooks. Conversely, we challenge the fundamentally racist notion of a “white default” that assumes white voices can tell all stories, but BIPOC voices can only tell BIPOC stories.

As we, our industry and our society acknowledge and address our full history and seek to broaden opportunities, new voices are in demand to tell new stories. We want to be a place where actors of BIPOC backgrounds and allies can come together to learn the art and business of audiobook narration in an atmosphere of creative freedom and open discussion.

Please know that we take seriously our commitment to create a welcoming atmosphere for artists of color to learn and grow. We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, retaliation or bullying in course forums or at in-person events. By participating in this community, you agree to the above.


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