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You can sample faculty teaching styles and discover areas of potential growth. When it’s time to explore further, though, it’s great to work with a coach in real time, either in a small group or one-on-one (1:1).

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Vikas Adam

Audie Award winning narrator, lecturer at UCLA Department of Theatre, Film and Television, Audible Narrator Hall of Fame. SAG-AFTRA

Andi Photo

Andi Arndt

Audie Award winning narrator, Executive Producer at Lyric Audiobooks, Founder of Narrator.Life, Audible Narrator Hall of Fame. SAG-AFTRA

Ronald Butler

Multiple Audie Award nominee, Pace University adjunct faculty, member of Atlantic Theatre Company. SAG-AFTRA/AEA

Ann-Richardson Image

Ann Richardson

Earphones Award winning narrator, experienced coach and mentor. SAG-AFTRA

Emily Woo Zeller

Audie award-winning, Golden Voice actor, audiobook director, dancer, and singer. SAG-AFTRA

Hillary Image

Hillary Huber

Award winning narrator of over 600 audiobooks. Straight shooting Audiobook Coach focusing on skill sets. SAG-AFTRA

Matt Image

Matthew Lloyd Davies

Audie Award winning narrator, trained at the Bristol Old Vic as an actor and director, Equity member


Narrators recommend Narrator.Life coaches

Peter Noble Narrator

I have a problem with taking on too much work – the freelancer’s fear that this job will be the last job. Last financial year was my most successful yet as a full-time narrator, but I over-booked. Deliveries became stressful, I was contacting publishers to agree to delays, and I was so grumpy my family didn’t like me anymore. I reached out to Andi for some coaching on balance. Over 2 or 3 sessions, Andi guided me on customer management, and on calendar management. Choosing jobs. I took a breath, said ‘No’ more, and I’ve done a little more than half the volume this year – for the same kind of money. Andi, I am hugely grateful for your guidance and support.

Anonymous narrator Narrator

I recently had a session with Andi to discuss upping my rates across all publishers. This was way overdue but I lacked courage and doubted my own worth. Andi helped provide the language, the rationale and most importantly the support to go after what I deserve. I have so far requested increases in PFH from four publishers and not only has every single one agreed to an increase, not a one countered with a lower offer. Thank you Andi Arndt. Wouldn’t have happened without you.

Amy Rubinate Owner of Mosaic Audio

Emily Woo Zeller has been one of our top directors for the past few years. In addition to being a star narrator in her own right, she has directed author and celebrity books with us, and is equally dept at working with experienced narrators and those who are new to the audiobook form. She excels at helping narrators deliver on the promise of the book.

Kimberly Wetherell Narrator

Andi's guidance has shown me what a supportive, nurturing, creative and gratifying profession audiobook narration can be....with great mentors! If you're trying to take your business to the next level, coaching is a MUST and Andi's one of the Best!

Wade B. Narrator

Ronnie Butler’s intro to Audiobooks is an in-depth, step-by-step, worth-every-penny explanation of the how-to’s of audiobooks for the professional voice actor. Ronnie generously shares what has made him a successful audiobook narrator in an afternoon that flies right by ‘cause it’s so damn fun!

Joniece Abbott Narrator

Coaching with January at the start of my audiobook career was one of the smartest investments I have ever made!!! January offered direction and adjustments that allowed me to expand inside of the work instead of shrink. January taught me to stay in the work and out of my head with the tips and techniques she gave me. Her guidance has stayed with me and has become some of my most valuable tools in my narrator/actor tool box.

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