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Since this conversation was posted, AI has come much closer to audiobooks, much more quickly. The new CEO of Bee Audio sent an email to the narrators’ roster mentioning that Bee had already been working on AI/TTS (text to speech) as relates to audiobooks, causing quite a few narrators to remove themselves from that roster in protest. Then Publishers Weekly featured an article about AI and Audiobooks which caused further uproar.

In the midst of all of this, a new organization that had already been in the planning stages for some time opened its doors to members – the Professional Audiobook Narrators Association, or PANA. Several narrator.life faculty members are also PANA board members. You can find more information at pronarrators.org

It is so important to inform yourself about developments in AI voice that affect our professional milieu, especially the ethical issues at hand. This is not a future eventuality, it is a present concern.

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