The Dot

Hey there, thanks for taking the quiz! Welcome to The Dot 🔴

As in narrator dot life.  You’re not new to this.  After all, you’ve done over 100 titles, possibly many more than that.  You know your niche, you’ve got steady work, things are underway. You might almost feel guilty complaining, but…you’re here, so you’re looking for some perspective.

The dot is the fulcrum between the narrator part and the life part.  We’re here to help when things are out of balance.  If you’re worried about burnout, setting boundaries and raising rates we suggest starting with the Time and Money intensive, and if you still have questions, there’s a discussion forum attached to that course where you can check in from time to time.

Maybe you’re in a rut performance-wise, or wanting to make a shift in the focus of your work. We recommend 1:1 coaching and upcoming master classes with inspiring colleagues. Check faculty bios for links to their coaching calendars and let’s make a plan.

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